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Beeswax Products

Beeswax candles have a longer burn time than paraffin candles. They burn cleaner and contain no petroleum based chemicals like paraffin candles do. Beeswax actually cleans the air as it burns by emitting negative ions and attracting things like dust and dander to the flame. We use all natural cotton wicking and only 100% pure beeswax with no additives. Burn candles with supervision and out of drafts for the best and even burn.

Purchase Our Beeswax Products Online

1 pound Block of Pure Beeswax 1 Ounce Bar of Pure Beeswax
Therapeutic Lip Balm Therapeutic Lip Balm
Price: $15.00
Price: $1.99

Beewax Bee Hive Candle
Beeswax Pine Cone Candle
Soothing Salve Soothing Salve
Measures 3" x 2-1/4"
Price: $5.00
Measures 2" x 2"
Price: $2.00

Santa Shaped Beeswax Christmas Candle Beeswax Small Candle
Soothing Salve Soothing Salve
Measures 6-1/2" x 2"
Price: $8.00
Large Votive
Measures 2-1/5" x 1-3/4"
Price: $3.00

Taper Candles  
Soothing Salve


Set includes:
10" Colonial Style Candle
12" Long Taper Style
Price: $8.00 for Set of Two Candles